God’s scripture found in the Old Testament and New Testament provides humankind with the knowledge and wisdom needed to travel through life on earth according to God’s will. This study focuses on scriptures throughout the Bible, not exhaustively, which relate to the biblical role of a grandparent in their grandchildren’s life. 

God’s word gives grandparents instructions for helping parents and church communities to raise God’s children to be followers of Jesus Christ.  Our omniscient God has a perfect plan for each of God’s children now and forever. A grandparent’s role is to understand God’s word and fulfill God’s will to grandparent for faith in the lives of their grandchildren.



In May 2017 while taking a walk in Dubuque Iowa, I had a God moment. It was then I knew my Doctoral Ministry Project would be researching how to help grandparents share their faith in Jesus Christ with their grandchildren. This was very exciting because I have three grandchildren with high hopes to have more in the future.

The relationship God gives grandparents and grandchildren is super special. This relationship is hard to describe but many have said, “If I knew grandchildren were this special I would have had them first.” Thus the journey began to formulate a thesis and spend many hours praying and seeking God’s word to partner with grandparents to bless grandchildren all over the world with God’s amazing grace and love.


“With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” Isaiah 12: 3