2 Chronicles 22:10-12

1 & 2 Chronicles were the last books written in Hebrew scripture. These books provide a historical summary of God’s chosen people, the Israelites. Moses, Joshua, Saul, David and Solomon are are now resting with their forefathers. The kingdom has been divided after Solomon’s death and the author is recounting the good and bad kings in the southern and northern kingdom.

In 2 Chronicles 22 we find the people electing Ahaziah, age twenty-two, Jehoram’s youngest son, their new king. The good king Jehoshaphat had reigned in Judah twenty-five years, then his bad son Jehoram established himself, killing all his brothers and some princes with the sword, while reigning eight years.

Even though Jehoram walked in the ways of the evil kings in Israel, God preserved the line of David and his descendants. Ahaziah died after reigning one year, and his grandmother Athaliah takes the throne by force and kills the royal family. Joash was the only one spared because his aunt Jehosheba, daughter of King Jehoram, hid him in her bedroom for six years. God used Joash’s aunt to protect the line of David from an evil, ruthless grandmother (2 Chronicles 22:19-12). God kept the covenant made with David by protecting this grandchild from his evil grandmother, ensuring the future King, David’s descendant would rule the throne.

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