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"We want to commend you on a great sermon this morning on Grandparenting For Faith: Mine, Yours, and Ours...a subject near and dear to our hearts and those of most of the North Lake congregation.  We have 3 grandchildren, 3 step grandchildren and one great grandchild. What a true blessing they have been to us!  Thank you for a wonderful message and we look forward to your next one."

Cindy and Don 

My son and daughter-in-law blessed me with a granddaughter when I had just turned 70 years old.  I had waited so long to know what other grandparents had described as a life changing experience and it was more than I could ever imagine it would be.  When Pastor Mike offered “Grandparenting for Faith:  Mine, Yours and Ours”, a five-week workshop, at our church, North Lake Presbyterian, my husband and I jumped at the opportunity to participate. It was especially important for me to learn how to talk about Jesus and my faith with my granddaughter who lived a long distance from me - I felt a real urgency to do so.  Neither my husband nor I had any idea the impact it would have on our lives.  The workshops were filled with videos featuring people in and outside of our church who talked personally about the topic of the week.  Workshop participants shared stories of how they were making a difference in their grandchildren’s lives – some already lived in Christian homes, but some did not.  One of the grandmothers in the group suggested we pray for each other during the week via email which we did.  We were all sad when the last workshop ended.  All of us felt blessed by what we had learned and blessed to have spent time together with other grandparents.   Pastor Mike certainly exceeded our expectations when he told us his goal was to give us “the spiritual tools necessary to encourage, equip and engage grandparents.”

Joe and Linda 

Prior to attending the 5 week workshop on "Grandparenting for Faith" we were somewhat in despair and losing hope that our grandchildren who are 3 and 2 years old would ever grow up knowing Christ. They live 1200 miles from us and their parents who have the greatest influence on their lives currently do not attend church. Our major concern is that they will simply be assimilated into the ways of the culture which has removed God and whom live by relative truth and tolerance. To quote a line from the Borg in the Star Trek series; " resistance is futile". God gives us free choice but the choices our grandchildren are constantly exposed to from, social media, television, magazines and political correctness seems almost impossible that they will choose God. And being distant grandparents left us feeling we would have little if any influence on them coming to know Jesus Christ. We felt that we were alone with our concerns for our grandkids.
While attending the workshop the first thing we experienced was that we were not alone. There were a total of about 20 grandparents with similar concerns. The group was quite diversified in that the grandchildren ranged in age from toddlers to teenagers to adults. As a result we learned many strategies for influencing our grandkids at different age groups. Pastor Mike's biblical references, bible stories and prayers were filled with Gods purpose and wisdom for grandparents. We soon established a prayer chain among the group members praying for each other, our children and grandchildren. I suspect we will continue this practice into the future. The workshops goal to provide spiritual tools necessary to encourage, equip and engage grandparents was exceeded. We left the workshop with renewed hope that we can make a real difference in our grandkids lives even though we live so far away from them. We have our workbook to refer back to, many internet websites and book resources, and of course the other members of the group to bounce things off when needed. "Together we are better. "Thank you Mike and members of the group. God Bless you all.

"GRANDPARENTING FOR FAITH made me realize I better get busy sharing my faith stories with our grandson who is 12 years old. Meeting with other grandparents for five weeks as we went through the workbook was a very special experience as we shared different family situations and ideas how to approach grandchildren of all ages from babies to adults. As my husband put it in sports terms, the workbook gets us up off the bench and into the game.

As I write short "Grandma faith stories" from my past and email them to our grandson, I sometimes feel the urge to send them to other family members and friends. I usually put a scripture verse in my stories and since God said His Word doesn't go void, I leave the rest up to Him.  Once you get started, you never know where He will lead you. May God bless you and your loved ones as you begin this journey of GRANDPARENTING FOR FAITH, in Jesus name Amen."


"The Grandparenting for Faith Workshop has led to my growing personal relationship with the Holy Spirit and our grandchildren.  We have eight grandchildren, four of them are young adults from seventeen to twenty-one.

First, the Workshop nurtured my spiritual growth. Also, the Workshop has opened my heart to sharing the Holy Spirit with our young adult grandchildren. 

At a recent Mother’s Day celebration for grandma, our daughter and her family – we shared Holy Spirit experiences.  Our granddaughter shared a moment where she connected with a younger child and felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit.  What a blessing!  I later affirmed my granddaughter’s wonderful experience.

After reading the following Workshop resource, I now sense so many more moments to share my Faith:  The Spiritual Child by Lisa Miller, Ph. D.  She discusses the new Science of Spirituality. In her book, Dr. Miller includes Seven Right Things: Opportunities for Spiritual Parenting.

Because of the Grandparenting for Faith Workshop, and I am fulfilling God’s purpose to show His love to our grandchildren.